Quality has been at the heart of Maison Molli's values for 130 years, thanks to a rigorous selection of extra-fine materials such as pure new wool and pure combed cotton.

In order to preserve the softness and durability of Molli knitwear, it must be cared for properly and washed delicately. It is important to always refer to the instructions on the composition and care labels.


In order to keep all the beauty of the Molli models when washing, it is recommended to turn them inside out in order to avoid the knitwear catching or damaging the materials. For machine washings, it is necessary to use a wash bag.


In order to protect the fineness, softness and length of the fibres of Molli pure new wool, the knitwear should be washed by hand in cold water. It is necessary to use a special neutral pH wool detergent to preserve all its natural properties.

Do not use fabric softener, bleach or soak the models as this will damage the fibres. Then rinse several times with clean water and wring out the models very gently so as not to twist or distort them.

Some Molli items are particularly openwork and therefore fragile.

In this case, dry cleaning is necessary in order to keep quality of these items.

Therefore it is important to refer to the indications on the composition label.


In order to keep the fineness and length of the fibres of Molli pure combed cotton, the knitwear should be machine washed in a delicate programme at 30° maximum (only baby nappies, bodysuits and t-shirts of the birth line can be washed at 40°). Do not use fabric softener or bleach and prefer a low spin to avoid wrinkling or distorting the models.


In order to keep their shape and appearance, all Molli models must be dried flat on a towel. Drying in a dryer is not allowed, nor is hanging them on a hanger, as this would distort them. Direct heat sources are also not permitted, as they can damage the fineness and length of the fibres. Drying in the sun is also not recommended as it can cause yellowing.


Molli knitwear should be ironed gently on the reverse side to avoid damaging the fibres. For pure new wool models, it is also strongly recommended to apply a damp cloth between the iron and the garment to avoid shining the fibres.


Over time, it is possible that the knitwear will catch or make pilling in certain points of friction. For this purpose, there are small devices specially designed for the care of garments in knit. To remove pilling, there are small hooks, very easy to use, to reknit the threads of the models. To remove pilling, anti-pilling razors are very effective and do not damage the beauty and softness of the models.