Molli is a company with unique know-how in the art of knitting. Since its origins, Molli has been knitting pieces in knit of the highest quality.



Creation of the maison Molli registered as "underwear factory in knit fine" in the Swiss Trade Register. Knitwear or jumpsuits, Molli is then a discreet and soft knit , with remarkable stitches and finishes.


Molli is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The finesse and delicacy of its knit make
a reference brand. It is constantly being modernized.


Molli specializes in baby clothes: sleepsuit in foam stitch with buttons on the shoulders, lined double-breasted coat... The mythical birth trousseau in knit foam stitch Molli is exported to all continents.


Charlotte de Fayet takes over the century-old brand to knit a new chapter for it. This unconditional lover of
Molli, surrounded by a team of women, reinvents from season to season a wardrobe in delicate and textured knit . The brand is sold in four boutiques in Paris and around the world.


In just a few years, Molli has imposed her style: ruffled collar tops, wide-leg pants with darts, flowing and colorful skirts. Her remarkably refined wardrobe in knit has won over many followers in search of elegance and comfort in discreet luxury.