The choice of cotton from Egypt

For summer, Molli has chosen an extra fine Egyptian cotton yarn, the most qualitative and beautiful in the world: shiny, strong, soft and silky. The cotton knitted by Molli is combed to keep only the longest fibres, a guarantee of its very high quality.

A natural, plant-based material

Cotton has the advantage of being an insulating and light material, and hypoallergenic for the most sensitive. It is breathable and has a capacity to absorb moisture, making it very pleasant to wear, especially in summer.

High quality cotton

Three qualities of long staple cotton are recognized. Carefully selected in a renowned Italian spinning mill, the maison Molli works with the cotton xxx. Molli cotton is certified by numerous labels, including the "REACH" and "ECOTEX" labels, which after numerous tests, mainly on pH and color stability and fastness, ensure that the cotton does not contain any substances that are harmful to the skin and health. The "STeP by ECOTEX" label certifies the good working conditions of the cotton farmers. The "GOTS" label (Global Organic Textile Standard) ensures that the cotton is made of at least 95% certified organic fibers. It prohibits the use of chemical substances mainly in the washing of the fibers and dyeing and ensures the management of water waste. At Molli, 100% of the cotton models in the Winter 2022-2023 collection are GOTS certified.