A remarkable skill

All of our knit stitches are developed by Molli’s workshops exclusively for Molli with yarns we have chosen. This unique skill insures impeccable knit fabrics and extremely refined models.

An independent luxury company

Charlotte de Fayet takes over the hundred-year-old company to knit a new chapter in its history.

This unconditional lover of Molli, with a passion for fashion and marketing, woke up the sleeping beauty. Under her impetus, the house of knit revisits its iconic birth trousseau with a palette of acidulous colors and adds a women's wardrobe composed of essential and delicate garments in knit : flowing skirts, tops with ruffled finishes and long capes in knit textured.
The brand is sold in the most beautiful boutiques in the 4 corners of the world and particularly in Asia

Haute couture finishings

Molli focuses on “relinked” finishings meaning that the panels are attached together by hand stitch by stitch. Some pieces are even knit without seams, a technological prowess mastered by one of Molli’s italian workshops.

Pure, timeless lines

Molli’s models are intentionally pure, their sophistication can be found in the details: invisible side seams and pockets, hand-sewn mother-of-pearl buttons.


Each model that Molli proposes is made of pure materials that have been carefully chosen: either virgin wools or combed cottons with long, soft, extra-fine, extremely resistant fibers.

Wool with a cashmere hand

Most of Molli’s models are knit in a pure, high-quality, virgin merino wool, chosen because of the finesse and length of its fibers. Its supple softness is extremely comfortable against the skin.


For summer, Molli chose an Egyptian cotton yarn that is the most qualitative and beautiful in the world. Cotton is a natural material that comes from plants and Molli’s cotton is combed to keep only the longest fibers, a true gauge of its quality.

Caring for molli knits

For 130 years, quality has been integral to the Molli philosophy … to maintain the softness and longevity of each knit garment, they must be cared for properly: first by handwashing them in cold water with a soft, neutral detergent, then by laying the knits flat to dry, away from the sun, and finally by ironing them with a soft iron.


Creation of the Molli company that, at the time, was cited in the swiss business registry as being a “maker of fine knit undergarments”.


With its knit shirts and jumpsuits, Molli stands out for its discreet, mellow knits that utilize remarkable stitch games and finishings.


Molli celebrates its 50th anniversary. The fineness and the delicacy of its knitwear make it a reference brand. It continues to modernize. 


Molli specializes in a wardrobe for newborns and babies. IIts mythical garter stitch birth kit is now exported to all continents.


Molli writes a new chapter in its history and offers a knit wardrobe for women with a discreet luxury.