The perfect conditions for fine wool

On the farms in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand from which the pure extra fine virgin wool used by Molli comes, the sheep are raised free range in their natural habitats with rich food sources. The climate is temperate: the winters are not cold and the summers are not scorching, favoring the uniform growth of the fibers, thus guaranteeing a fine and robust wool. These living conditions promote the development of the animal.

The "Museling free"

As an expert in woolen knitting and therefore concerned about animal well-being, the Molli house is committed to using “Mulesing free” certified wool. This guarantees respect for the sheep by obliging breeders to regularly take care of their animals, in particular by shearing certain areas of the sheep more frequently, in order to avoid the appearance of parasites which could taint the quality of their wool. At Molli, 100% of the pure wool models in the Winter 2022-2023 collection are “Museling Free” certified.