Remarkable know-how

Since 1886, the Molli house has always distinguished itself by the delicacy of its knit and the technicality of its models. Jerseys or knit jumpsuits worn as underwear, Molli has been a discreet and soft knit since its origins, with remarkable stitching and finishing. A unique know-how that ensures an impeccable knit and very refined models.

"Because refinement is not accumulation, but precision" Sophie Fontanel

Innovative stitches

All knit stitches are developed by Molli workshops, on behalf of Molli, with high quality yarns chosen by Molli and knitted by machines using state-of-the-art technologies. Every year, over the seasons, Molli invents and develops innovative and creative stitches: "chantilly", "origami", "wickerwork", "braided", "ethnic"...

A meticulous development

A Molli pattern is developed in about six months: after the choice of yarn and the testing of creative stitches, comes the pattern making stage which means the fine tuning of the construction and development of the garment. Proportions, volumes, finishes, Molli works its models with a haute couture eye.

High quality finishes

Molli favors "re-mesh" finishes, which mean that the panels are assembled by hand mesh by mesh. Some pieces are even knitted without seams, a technological feat mastered by one of Molli's partner workshops in Italy. Molli models are voluntarily pure, their sophistication can be read in the details: interplay of stitches, interlacing of colored threads, invisible ribs and pockets, mother-of-pearl buttons sewn by hand.