A responsible ecosystem of our partner spinners

The Italian yarn suppliers of maison Molli are committed to an ecological approach, in particular in the treatment of waste discharged into water and in the use of so-called clean energy systems: installation of solar panels generating electricity...

An ecological raw material 

Wool is an intrinsically ecological material; due to the nature of its composition, it is 100% biodegradable and its washing does not release any microplastics into the water; the cotton used by Molli is organically grown; these renewable raw materials are certified ECOTEX, GOTS, Museling Free for the most recognized. The wool and cotton as well as all Molli supplies (mother-of-pearl buttons, zippers, labels, etc.) meet the criteria of the European REACH regulation.

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed

At Molli, yarn is at the heart of the design process, and the vast majority of Molli pieces are knitted from pure new wool or mercerized cotton yarn and then re-stitched by hand, which means that there is no cutting, so there is no waste. Furthermore, if a Molli item is returned to us unraveled, the after-sales service of Maison Molli will, whenever possible, repair the item properly rather than throwing it away.

A local and reasoned production

Molli is committed to producing locally, in partner workshops in France and Italy. Voluntarily, maison Molli favors reasonable stocks for a better control of production and relaunches a production on its best sellers.  


Environmentally friendly packaging

Like all the paper supplies of Maison Molli (labels, tissue paper, invoices, bags), the Molli boxes in which the web orders are sent are made of recycled and FSC certified cardboard.