MOLLI wool


MOLLI wool

Molli knitted garments are knitted in very high quality natural extrafine pure virgin wool yarns.

Molli has chosen “pure virgin wool” as its raw material, from merino sheep raised exclusively for their wool, and shorn once a year in the spring.

Pure virgin merino wool is a unique, refined and inimitable fiber with multiple properties. It is of very high quality because of the fineness, resistance and length of its fibres.

The wool used by Molli is sorted, checked, washed, combed, dyed, dried, tested and spun in Italy in a workshop that has been experts in spinning for generations. Only the finest, longest and silkiest fibers are retained. "Extrafine" means that the micronnage of the fibers retained is less than 19.5 microns; this extremely fine micronnage is almost equivalent to the micronnage of cashmere fibres, hence the name "wool with a cashmere touch".

It is subject to particularly demanding standards to be suitable for toddlers. Soft and breathable, it provides exceptional comfort when worn next to the skin.

Worked in the brand's iconic garter stitch, the tops, flowing skirts and birth items are inimitably soft.