calling all adventurous spirits, molli and are celebrating the molli summer counter on avenue george v with an exclusive collaboration is the story of a label that personalizes mottled shirts and draws unique embroidery on these white canvases, like a travel diary brought back from the other side of the world, the gps coordinates of the secret places unearthed by the brand are embroidered on each piece like a signature


to celebrate the ephemeral molli counter on avenue george v, the mythical garter stitch of the molli knit is offered as a blank canvas in an ultra-limited edition has hand-embroidered a sunny story taking this delicate knit like an unknown land and creating 15 exclusive pieces for molli : the immaculate whiteness of a kway in knit takes on the air of tropical paris, in the shade of a palm tree while the cover of the molli newborn trousseau, with its wide knitted flounce in lace knit, is the promise of a subtle sunrise

produced in 50 copies, the xxl shopping bag in heavy cotton canvas is a must-have for women travelers in the summer, with the gps coordinates embroidered on its wide handle

a colorful and unique collaboration between two brands that share more than anything a taste for rare things and craftsmanship