the art of combining knitwear with molli

molli presents its women's wardrobe: knitwear for every day and every occasion, easy to wear, delicately knitted, comfortable and modern, molli clothes can be combined to create an infinite number of outfits, discover how to combine your molli luxury garments, a historic brand renowned for its unique expertise

knitwear : 3 outfit ideas

tip n°1 : a knitted top over a pair of jeans

whether it is long or short sleeved, patterned or unpatterned, the fine knit top is one of molli's signature pieces, it pairs perfectly with jeans for a simple yet sophisticated everyday look, when it comes to shoes, a pair of women's trainers will give you a relaxed streetwear style, but why not change the rules with high heels or strappy pumps?

tip n°2 : fluid knit trousers with a sailor jumper

present in most women’s wardrobes, flowing trousers offer incomparable comfort and elegance, as for the sailor jumper, there's no need to introduce it : it's a timeless trend piece, together, the flowing knit trousers and the sailor jumper will give you a look that's 100% cozy, elegant and successful

tip n°3 : a colorful flowing knit skirt with an immaculate white t-shirt

molli knitwear isn't just for winter or autumn, our luxury knitted skirts are light and flowing, perfect for all seasons, if you wear a colorful skirt, pair it with a white t-shirt to create a nice contrast, with ballet flats, flat sandals or even sneakers for a casual look, our knitted skirts are easy to wear and combine, in the evening, swap your t-shirt for a matching fine knit top and your sneakers for pumps for a more sophisticated look !


molli expertise from yarn to knitwear 

founded in 1886 by wilhelm rüegger, the famous brand of luxury knitwear stands out for its innovative techniques and mastery of the art of knitting, the quality of molli knitwear starts with the selection of yarns, that's why we chose pure new wool and egyptian cotton yarns : prestigious fibers, recognisable by their length and purity, thanks to those unique characteristics, each of our creations has a soft and silky feel

produced in france and italy, our knitwear is the result of exceptional expertise and meticulous work, none of this would have been possible without our craftsmen, they are highly skilled in all knitting techniques: pleated, herringbone, blown, astrakhan, embossed, zellige... they don't just make clothes, but unique pieces, designed with passion and creativity, to enhance your looks, season after season