A flower farm in the center of paris

for earth day, molli visited masami lavault's urban farm in the heart of paris...

every april 22 since 1970, we've been celebrating earth day: a day dedicated to protecting the planet, an invitation to take action

adopt concrete gestures, consume more responsibly, emphasize short circuits, limit our energy impact

young, committed french-japanese florist, a true aesthete, has been growing over two hundred species of wild flowers "outdoors in the soil" without using fertilizers or pesticides. she sells them on her lovely website and like masami's flowers, molli's knitwear respects the environment

today the fashion industry is being criticized for overproduction, its often polluting manufacturing conditions and its choice of synthetic materials, molli is determined to steer clear of these criticisms by opting for natural fibers like pure virgin wool or combed cotton, focusing on small scale production and offering high-quality pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation