Since 1970, every April 22nd, we have been celebrating Earth Day. It is a day dedicated to the protection of the planet, an incitement to take action. Adopt concrete gestures, consume in a more responsible way, favor short circuits, limit your energy impact. For the occasion, Molli visited the urban farm of Masami Lavault in the heart of Paris. Since 2017, this young Franco-Japanese florist, aesthete and activist, has been growing more than two hundred species of wild flowers "in the open air, in the ground", without fertilizers or pesticides that you can find on her website

Similarly to Masami's flowers, Molli's knitwear is very eco-friendly. The fashion industry is a sector that is criticized today for its overproduction. It is often accused polluting through its manufacturing conditions as well as it choice of synthetic materials.

Molli wishes to stay away from these practices by favoring natural fibers such as pure virgin wool and combed cotton, by favoring small production, and by offering quality pieces passed on from generation to generation.