50 SHADES OF PINK by molli

petals, cadillacs, fluorescent lights, pralines, cosmos... molli knits 50 shades of pink, indulgent and timeless, that illuminate the complexion and brighten up spring, molli sees life in pink and knits bright, modern couture knitwear

pink for girls ?

originally, pink was the colour of men, it’s even the couleur of kings, women, on the other hand, were dressed in blue, the coulour of the virgin mary, in the 18th century, because of madame de pompadour, pink has become the colour of superficiality, then it became the coulour for little girls

today, pink can be associated with femininity, individuality and empowerment, challenging the stereotypes associated with this colour, for spring 24 molli “voit la vie en rose”, sees life throught rose-coloured glasses