Molli in Milk Magazine the knit according to molli

molli, a knitwear brand for women and babies, has just celebrated its 130th anniversary
meeting with charlotte de fayet, artistic director of the house

what was your background before molli ?

classic : business school with a marketing specialty

the first years, i developed in buenos aires a project in social entrepreneurship applied to art, supporting an association that reintegrated children from difficult neighborhoods through photography

when i returned, i joined l'oréal, in charge of kiehl's and shu emura, i then learned how important the motto "retail is detail" was

why such an attraction for the molli brand ?

cradled by the molli universe since my childhood, i wanted, when my second child was born, in 2015, to take up the challenge and take over this brand whose knitwear know-hoW has been recognized for several generations

to wake up the sleeping beauty and write a new chapter, such was my fabulous destiny...

what was your approach to this acquisition ?

molli was born at the end of the 19th century, at the time of the rise of hosiery

in 1950, the brand turned away from the lingerie sector, in full upheaval following the appearance of acrylic, and created the
first newborn outfits in wool

today, in addition to the iconic collection for 0-12 months, i am developing a knit wardrobe for women, made up of essentials with pure lines and a radically contemporary look

the molli house was renowned for its use of first choice materials,
is this still the case ?

absolutely, we mainly work with pure virgin wool, unlike standard wool recovered from sheep raised for their meat. the wool is spun, combed and dyed in Italy, as is the Egyptian cotton for the summer models

how do you see molli's future ?

molli operates in the incredibly competitive and rapidly
obsolete world of fashion. we want to preserve it and capitalize on its positioning of timelessness. persist in the idea of ​​a niche and confidential brand reserved for insiders. in the medium term, we want to open around ten stores around the world: molli showcases that will be real showcases for the house's timeless and new products

interview by ingrid bauer