Follow in the footsteps of Molli a unique knitwear brand

molli is part of the history of fashion and knitwear, relive the evolution of the famous knitwear brand, from its creation to the present day

the history of knitwear

during centuries, women had to wear corsets, belts and bulky dresses made of stiff and heavy fabric... when knitwear finally arrived, it was through lingerie

in the last century, knitwear became more visible with coco chanel, one of the first to make knitwear with jersey panels, obsessed with comfort, coco never stopped trying to make life easier for women, knitwear gave them freedom of movement… a freedom that is at the heart of molli wardrobe : wearable, chic and modular luxury knitwear

molli : a historic knitwear brand

the story of molli consists of knitwear, fashion and freedom... it all began in 1886 when hosier wilhelm rüegger founded a high-end mechanical knitting factory in zofingen, Switzerland, that’s how molli was born, the factory soon made a name for itself with its avant-garde techniques and expertise in the art of knitting, initially famous for its fine knit underwear, the brand became a reference in birthwear, foam-stitch rompers, lined paletots, crochet-finish booties, criss-cross bodysuits... molli's baby wardrobe was a huge success and the brand went on to establish an international reputation

in 2014, charlotte de fayet bought the brand and gave new life into it, under her leadership, molli established its style and developed a complete women's wardrobe : knitted tops with ruffled collars, flowing knittedtrouserswith darts and colorful high-waisted skirts, these unique pieces never stopped evolving and reinventing themselves, today they keep seducing women in search of elegance and comfort

molli project : comfort and style

considered as a true reference in the art of knitting, molli brings knitwear back into fashion, it stands out for its desire to create luxury garments of incomparable elegance and quality, a quality that reflects itself not only in molli's mastery of different knitting techniques (herringbone, pleated, blown, astrakhan, embossed, zellige...), but also in its choice of materials

molli uses pure virgin wool and egyptian cotton yarns : soft and silky fabrics that give each creation a unique comfort, colour is also an integral part of molli manufacturing process, from discrete tones to more vibrant colors, molli knitwear comes in a variety of shades to suit every woman's mood and desires, for its spring-summer wardrobe, molli has designed delicate and comfortable pieces with absolute attention to detail that come in light, soft and feminine colors, discover our latest creations: trendy knitwear designed with know-how and creativity