values molli, the whispering knit

the molli fine mesh is a whisper. a whisper that writes in each of its threads a certain idea of ​​elegance, both simple and ultra-worked, comfortable and extremely refined

if its name and its discreet luxury have also been buzzing, from insiders to insiders and from generation to generation for almost 150 years, molli fine mesh clothing is not timid about it

played in the details and in the games of mesh, an extraordinary creativity offers today to the century-old house a new chapter with a singular identity

  • polo fin en maille femme

    nothing is lost nothing is created, everything is transformed

  • Cols des vêtements en maille Molli

    designed in paris in the heart of the 7th arrondissement

  • confection maille fine made in France & Italie

    made in france & italy

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