the benefits of doodling omy x molli

black, anise, celadon, petal, fluorescent pink, bright red...

colors abound and bring back memories of school or discovering a new box of felt-tipped pens

doodling inspired us to create this fine, multicolored jacquard knit with elegant and creative plays on different scales

is doodling insignificant ?

doodling was frowned upon until the 1920s but today it is recognized by both the art world and psychoanalysts: for relaxing or meditating, to do while on the phone or in a meeting, doodling boosts our concentration and awakens our creativity so get out your felt-tip pens and pencils !

because we don't buy boxes of felt-tip pens any more once we're grown up, molli will include a box of OMY magic felt-tips with every purchase of a molli zigzag knit piece

*while stocks last

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