the history of caning : an ancestral tradition when craft inspires knitwear

caning is a traditional craft technique particularly used in France for making chairs, couches and various accessories, appeared in the 20th century, it involves interlacing strips of rattan to create an openwork surface, molli draws inspiration from this ancestral technique to make openworked wicker knit creating a unique and timeless openwork pattern

the tradition of caning originates from Southeast Asia, where various species of palm trees, including the famous rattan, grow, the rattan bark is harvested, dried, and cut into thin strips to obtain rattan cane, this rattan cane is then woven using an ancient art to create various objects

in the 17th century, the dutch and the English began importing rattan to Europe, in France, caning was particularly popular during the reigns of louis 14 and louis 15 for chair making : indeed, the flexibility of the woven fibers provided unparalleled seating comfort, in the 1960s, caning made a strong comeback in our interiors, both vintage and modern, it is timeless and fits perfectly into the "slow decoration" trend, which encourages us to prioritize local products that highlight craftsmanship

cane knitwear : from home decoration to ready-to-wear

often used in the field of home decoration, caning has extende dinto ready-to-wear fashion, particularly in the design of knit garments, specializing in this ancient technique, molli draws inspiration from everyday life and everything around us to create new, highly creative knit patterns, this results in luxurious garments of exceptional elegance and quality: long knit dresses, luxury skirts, knit sweaters, flowing knit pants... a complete, modern, and comfortable wardrobe that celebrates women and their femininity

molli luxury clothing: unmatched expertise

founded in 1886, house of molli knits fine, high-quality garments, a true reference in the art of knitting, it owes its reputation to its excellent mastery of various knitting techniques : chevron, pleated, puffed, astrakhan, waffle, zellige...

dedicated to creating garments that are both comfortable and elegant, molli pays particular attention to the selection of its materials, this is why our choice has focused on pure new wool and Egyptian cotton yarns: prestigious fabrics renowned for their softness and silky feel

from subtle tones to more vibrant colors, molli's fine knitwear comes in a variety of styles to suit the desires and personalities of all women, discover our latest creations: trendy knitwear, designed with an absolute attention to detail