Le saviez-vous ?

The free and practical lifestyle of the 1920s saw the triumph of knitwear. During the day, the basis of women's wardrobe was the sportswear set, mo...

Une yogi en Molli

Molli was invited to Charlotte Gomez de Orozco's home, founder of the Hotel Hoy Paris, which stands for « House of Yoga"».     ...

Constance Govare dans la silhouette jaune limoncello Molli

Constance Govare in the Molli yellow silhouette limoncello

La jupe ondulée vichy mimosa Molli dans le Milk magazine

The Molli gingham wavy skirt in the Milk magazine

Fiona Khalifa en Molli

Fiona Khalifa in Molli

Angèle Ferreux-Maeght en Molli

Angèle Ferreux-Maeght in Molli

La maille cannage Molli

Close to goldsmithing, Molli's cane knitwear is distinguished by the technicality of its stitch, which reveals a volume weave. This silhouette is k...

La silhouette melon Molli

Lumineuse et gourmande, la jupe en maille ondulée « melon » Molli, tricotée en France dans une maille couture, s'invite dans le vestiaire de l'été ...