FINE WOOL CLOTHING DESIGNED IN PARIS in the heart of the 7th arrondissement

the studio

from his parisian studio nestled in the heart of the left bank, molli invents a feminine wardrobe and designs fine wool clothes with resolutely timeless and refined lines

the femininity of molli fine knit clothing can be seen in the flounce of a collar, the high waist of knit pants, the slit of a skirt or the wavy effect of a stitch

played in the details and in the games of mesh, an extraordinary creativity offers today to the century-old house a new chapter with a singular identity


the spirit of the molli wardrobe

each season is punctuated by the innovative research for our luxury clothing of new knit stitches, of endless creativity (origami knit, puffed pleated knit, waffle knit...) in shades with dreamlike names that combine endlessly, way of a chromatic timeline

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