"Made in Switzerland since 1886 by the Rüegger family, Molli is the elite, the Rolls-Royce of knitwear, the ultimate in garter-stitched of cardigans with mother-of-pearl button. The products of this pillar of Swiss textile know-how have been sold and recognized around the world for over a century.

Bought in 2015 by the young French entrepreneur Charlotte de Fayet, Molli has carried on without losing its touch. The colourist Amandine Gallienne contributed some hues, while Fayet designed the knitwear lines for women and newborns - it was impossible to stop making the layettes that had made the house's reputation.

Its collections, made of pure cotton or virgin wool, seem to be perfumed with water, soap and lavender. They are sold in two pristine stores in Paris, one on the Left Bank and the other on the Right. A new era, a new air.

Louis Vuitton City Guide, Paris