business with attitude madame figaro's prize

charlotte de fayet wins the public prize for molli during the grand final...

a story of knitwear, fashion and freedom, « le stiff et le cool » by nicole parrot retraces the history of knitwear and is a vital book for charlotte de fayet! for 20 centuries, women have dressed in « stiff » fabrics that can be cut in pattern pieces and sewn

for centuries, fabrics were the stars of paintings and sculptures as women were corseted, belted and dressed in large, heavy, cumbersome dresses until knitwear came along... first with underwear, then lingerie (when molli was born in 1886) and finally knits took center stage with
coco chanel, the 1st to have used knits for clothing in the last century

this book was a catalyst for charlotte who made it the base of her plan to purchase molli in 2016 : « i told myself that i would propose a sublime wardrobe for women in molli’s fine knits that would be anchored in luxury by using ultra-creative knit stitches (we invented the zellige,astrakhan and origami knits...) since comfort and style are not mutually exclusive ! »

she even spoke about this on the stage of the gaité lyrique when madame figaro’s « business with attitude » prize was awarded

« knitwear liberated a woman’s movements » charlotte de fayet